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Street Lighting

The Mesta Park Neighborhood Association (MPNA) is working diligently to repair our beautiful and unique street lights. We wanted to let you in on a little bit of Mesta Park’s lighting history, our future plans and how you can help! 

street light


Our street lights were installed in three phases beginning in the mid 1990’s. The MPNA purchased the lights with the assistance of Community Development Block Grant funding administered through the OKC Planning Department. Unfortunately we are no longer eligible for the grant. 

Our lights have sodium vapor bulbs. At the time the lights were installed, residents were concerned about crime and wanted the brightest lights possible. Our neighborhood has really changed – crime is down and property values have increased. 

While the MPNA owns and maintains the lights; the homeowner with a street light and photocell on their property is responsible for the electricity bill.



Sodium vapor bulbs are increasingly difficult to find. We would like to gradually phase out the old sodium vapor lighting for energy saving LED lights. This would make the cost around $8/yr versus $6/mo ($72/yr). As funds permit, we might also replace the old plastic globes, which are yellowing and becoming more brittle, with a clear polycarbonate globe.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to begin working with Buz Goodrich, a resident of Heritage Hills, who has been taking care of the lights in Heritage Hills for several years. Buz has graciously offered to help us make updates and replacements in his spare time.

how you

Can Help

There are several ways to help! When you see Buz, an older gentleman with a long gray braid, working on lights in the neighborhood say, “Hi!” and thank him for his help. If you have a street light on your property please locate your photocell.

And last but not least, updating the lights is expensive business, and we could use your help. A tax deductible contribution to the neighborhood can be made via our website. If you have an issue, question or general concern with your street light Jackie at lighting@mestapark.org is available to help in any way she can.